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Special Announcement!

Introducing SHEF's newest fundraiser, Tweeds and Feathersthe pre-hunt party of the season!

Funds raised will support Character Education in our district



The Initiative


Your participation helps us launch the groundbreaking Mindful Giving Program, dedicated to fostering Character Education in the Somerset Hills School District. We empower educators and students alike, through targeted professional development for teachers, equipping them with the tools and techniques to nurture a culture of integrity, empathy, and inclusivity within our schools. For students, it applies innovative social and emotional learning to cultivate essential life skills and values such as respect, honesty, and a sense of duty.


One such initiative, "Capturing Kids Hearts," has been earmarked for implementation at BMS, with additional programs ready to follow suit. Through your generous support, these transformative initiatives will ensure every student receives the guidance and support they need to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.


Join us as we embark on this journey of empowerment, enlightenment, and enduring change. Together, let's inspire a more mindful and compassionate future generation, one rooted in local heritage and unwavering resolve!

The Event

​​Join us at the picturesque Upton Pyne Carriage House on Saturday, September 28th, 2024, at 6 pm for  an unforgettable pre-hunt party

Celebrate the harvest season amidst the timeless charm of a country setting and experience the essence of the Somerset Hills

  • Delectable, seasonal country-style cuisine sourced from local artisans, farmers, and distillers, ensuring every bite is a celebration of our region's flavors.

  • The ambiance of a traditional hunting lodge with themed attire and captivating entertainment, promising an evening of elegance and rural allure.

  • An interactive fundraising experience designed with our guests at its heart, promising an evening of camaraderie, connection, and shared purpose.

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SHEF Renaissance

We are excited to introduce a new team of trustees and announce a renewed commitment to support all K-12 students in the Somerset Hills School District.  This school year we welcome a new superintendent, Dr. Brian Brotschul, an upgraded website and fresh initiatives that build community and IMPACT education culture at all three schools: Bedwell Elementary, Bernardsville Middle School and Bernards High School. 

SHEF Mission

The Somerset Hills Education Foundation's (SHEF) mission is to promote and provide education opportunities through innovative programs and projects that benefit students of The Somerset Hills School District by encouraging excellence, facilitating access to creative learning and teaching, fostering students development; building community and business partnerships and raising awareness of educational challenges and solutions.

Building Bridges For Better Education
Since 1996

SHEF is Non-Profit

We believe that education can empower individuals, broaden horizons, and pave the way for social progress.


Independent and run by local volunteers, SHEF is best positioned to:

  • Secure financial support through fundraising campaigns, revenue earning events and corporate matching programs

  • Engage in partnerships with community stakeholders with aligned values to increase social footprint and share resources

  • Fulfill SHSD needs for student impact with innovative grants and programs


What We Do

We Encourage Our Students To Stand On Their Toes And Reach For The Stars...



Support student success by fostering a safe and inclusive learning environment and promoting a positive teacher culture



Facilitate student 

development by complimenting core curriculum education with network building programs like mentorships, apprenticeships and SEL


Establish life long learning practices by supplementing cross-curricular education projects in the arts, literacy, STEM, and professional development


Provide a platform for community engagement about the educational challenges  our students face today and the equitable solutions to improve student outcomes

Board of Trustees

SHEF is managed by a group of committed trustees, who along with a host of other volunteers, donate their time and expertise to the organization.  


For information on becoming a SHEF Trustee, please email SHEF at

Faculty Trustees

Ex Officio

Past Major Initiatives

$3,000 to Bedwell | Peters Valley School of Craft

Multi-day program for demonstration and exploration of various crafts

$3,000 Bernardsville Middle School | Artist In Residence

Employ an artist to work with students and speak to them about careers in the arts

$3,000 Bernardsville High School | Composer In Residence

Employ a composer to work with students to create an original composition and discuss the composition process, music theory and careers in music

$10,000 District | Music Department

Help fund a new Steinway piano to replace the one in the Performing Arts Center

Purchased Chromebooks & Classroom Library Books for Students

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