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The Grant Process

SHEF works closely with the Somerset Hills School District to identify needs and opportunities

for overall student impact

SHEF Top Funding Priorities:

  • Projects that support teachers in providing quality instruction

  • Educational experiences that build skills around curriculum-linked themes


SHEF Classroom Enrichment Grant supports innovation and leadership among teachers and yes, curriculum-based field trips qualify. 

The SHEF Grant application is used to articulate goals and broadly anticipated outcomes, identify the number of students impacted, define the measurable learning outcomes, itemize costs, and evaluate implementation for validity and practicality.

Candidates submit an application online during the Grant Application window: October 1-November 31st. 

SHEF Review Committee meets monthly to review applications, communicate their selections and award letters to teachers, principals and bookkeepers.  

Award letters are mailed February 1st.

Grants Process



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